Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kisah Klasik MMU #2.

Babak Yang Penghabisan.

Sudahnya, kami semua turun. Tak seorang pun yang mahu tinggal di rumah. Separuh naik Land Cruiser Tepet, separuh naik Kelisa aku. Sebelum pergi, setiap kepala di pow RM2 buat duit minyak. Setelah selesai mengisi minyak di Petronas, aku memberi isyarat tangan untuk lead kepada Tepet.

Arakian kisahnya manusia bernama Tepet ini, beliau amatlah gemar kepada sukan bermotor. Janji laju dan keluar asap saja, semua dia sapu. Nampaknya aku sengaja cari nahas. Sepanjang perjalanan mengekori Land Cruiser Tepet, beliau telah meng'lead' aku ke jalan-jalan aneh yang tak pernah aku lalui. Oleh kerana itu, beliau amat gemar bermain lampu signal supaya aku tertipu dan tersalah belok simpang.

Ronda punya ronda, kami hampir sampai ke sebuah roundabout berlampu isyarat yang paling kecil di Ayer Keroh. Biasalah, kaki motor, lampu dah kuning pun masih terus pecut. Aku yang terkial-kial di belakang cuba megikut rapat. Tepet lepas ke jalan yang seterusnya manakala aku tersepit di tengah-tengah roundabout kerana kereta dari arah lain sudah mula bergerak dan secara langsung menyekat laluan aku. Celaka, modus operandi Tepet akhirnya berjaya.

Kaki yang lain tertunduk malu dengan stunt tak jadi aku. Segan dengan mata-mata yang memandang kami. Ibarat 'budak yang tak habis belajar sekolah memandu'. Walau apa pun, aku tetap maintain kool. Macam tak jadi apa-apa. Biasalah, Kontrol. Apa-apa hal pun, Ctrl-M perlu diutamakan.

Awan berarak, mendung berlalu, siang pun dah berganti malam. Akhirnya tiba juga kami ke MP. Setelah selesai mencari parking di hospital, setelah selesai kena gelak dengan Tepet, kami pun meneruskan aktiviti-aktiviti lain yang lebih senonoh di MP.


Kami telah settle meghiburkan diri di MP. Masa untuk pulang. Masing-masing kelihatan layu. Aku mengajak beberapa kaki yang lain termasuk Tepet untuk membayar tiket parking di mesin bayaran auto. Berat nak kendong banyak-banyak duit syiling ke sana. Ajak ramai-ramai dan pow seorang sikit pun okay juga. Tak lah mesin tu kasi banyak belen duit syiling keletung keletang.

Kemudian, aku memandu ke pintu keluar berpalang untuk mencucuk tiket. Dihadapan, kelihatan seorang brader bekereta Wira terkebil-kebil hendak memasukkan tiket berkali-kali ke dalam mesin. Tetapi palang itu tetap tidak naik. Brader tu tak puas hati. Dia terus keluar dari keretanya dengan wajah bengis seperti Sharip, si samseng Kampung Dusun. Brader tersebut terus cargas ke pintu keretaku. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin, aku pun menurunkan cermin tingkap.

"Adik, abang dah try berkali-kali dah nak masuk kad ni, tapi palang tu tak nak naik-naik juga." Brader tersebut mengadu domba kepada aku.

"Ye ke bang? errr.... Saya rasa..." Balas aku sambil pandang muka kaki-kaki yang lain. Mulut masing-masing dah vibrate macam telefon bimbit.

"Macam ni lah bang. Abang dah bayar tiket ni ke belum?"

"Dan setiap detik yang ku lalui, seluruh malam ku membisu." - Medicine, Tika dan Saat Ini.


Disclaimer : This is not an encouragement for smoking article. Nothing good came out of smoking.

Once again, my lecturer asked the class (especially the guys) about the addiction of cigarettes. She asked whether this addiction is good or not and the replies goes positively from the majority of the class. Unfortunately, because of my good 'showmanship' for participating in the class, she did asked me about how did I start to smoke. I blame my sugar rush for opening my mouth to give the 'pleasure' statement.

And I did explained everything but most likely I left them with a frown. I can saw a big question mark just right on top of the non-smoker's head. I'm very bad on explaining things to people. I guess I never cut out to be a teacher. Writing blogs and being spontaneous is different because of the time limit. Just like a stammer who can sing well. So, here I'm going to explain again. How did I start to smoke and how does it feels.

Unlike any other renegades, I started to smoke only after I got into University. The Form 5 scene is just a mere trial version. How did it happen? Peer pressure? Well, that will not happen unless you yourself are willing to try it. I said in class, I asked from my housemate for the cig, and it seems to them that my housemate were forcing me to smoke. No, absolutely not. I did correct them. I hope they will never misunderstood. The reason is most likely because of myself. And I wasn't lying about to stay awake for the late night study. I still remember that I took it while I'm doing some Calculus.

"But for starters, it feels kind of sleepy."

"If you know you are sleepy, why did you still take it?"

How could I know I will feel sleepy after that? I thought with the burning light and transferred heat into the body could make me stay awake. Well, after you get use to it, it did make you stay awake. At first, it's like the cig and your body are doing an 'ice braking'. Every nasty chemical will try to stimulates with all respiratory organ especially lungs. And after a few 'soul to soul', the cig and your body will be like a compatible couple made in heaven.

Here is a picture from my old archive. One serious and angry dark elf with his deadly magical cigarette which instantly kill every passing by secondhand smoker without doing much harm to himself. Detrimental weapon indeed. Haha.

"And Bogart-remember the first picture with him and Lauren Bacall? Oh, she sort of shimmies in through the doorway, 19 years old. Pure sex. She says, 'Anyone got a match?'. And Bogie throws the matches at her... and she catches them. Greatest romance of the century." - Nick Naylor, Thank You for Smoking.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Have you seen The Truman Show? A film about a guy whom his whole life was being staged by a group of people which is a director, actors, actress, and other sort of people in movie business. Everything was planned since he was born.

It's a funny thing when I used to think that my life was a stage. You know some people, when they are small, they used to had an imaginary friend, imaginary situation portrayed by some toys, but unlike me, I used to think that someone is discussing about every move that I made. I became insecure of my surrounding when I am alone. Thus the thought made me to 'act normal' sometimes. And that was all about 13 years ago.

Nowadays, as I learn about how the world goes round, I am pretty much sure that our life is a stage. A stage where we should act according to the scene. The difference is, there is no retake, just one shot like the movie. Some people used to said, 'This is me inside and out'. Well, I would like to contradict that statement. Every single soul in this world are wearing a mask. People don't change buddy, they just use a different mask.

You might think I am a freak, some sporadic morals I use to live on. But look no further people, you are exactly the same. You are using a different persona everywhere. You're one happy childish person at home but you're one silent grieving soul at class. You're one trouble sober person at mamak but you're one drunken socialize person at clubs.

"I think she is interesting, how should I approach her?"

"Simple. Just be yourself."

This part where I sucks, people. How in hell should I be myself when I didn't know which character I was. I used to be different person most of the time. And honestly, I act differently according to people. I just like to swim with the flow. And that is why I am stiff frozen infront of new people. Boys or girls, it doesn't matter. I tried to mingle with anyone new but it just doesn't work that way. Unless we're living, working or doing the same thing together, I could never befriend with you.

"I'm sorry I couldn't let you finish your crap. But this is an order. Nice to know you bro."


A distinct sounds of a bullet travels through silencer and pierce a human flesh. I guess I am cut to be a cold blooded hitman. Okay, too much spy movies. Cheerio!

"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" - Truman Burbank, The Truman Show.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Hate Monday Shirt.

I hate Monday! I really hate it because I have to wake up early and iron my clothes. And after that I need to drive to work and the freaking traffic is killing me. My boss wouldn't stop piling me with all the shitty task. And I need to pay all of my bills by the end of this month. And off course I will be short on cash. God, I seriously need to escape from all of this. Take a break on some island or what ever. I just want my life back!

Unfortunately, I am still not qualified to say all of these. And I think it is rather stupid to wear 'I Hate Monday' shirt whereby my class start at 2pm every Monday.

Lately, I have a little bit awkward feeling to stop being a student and I seems can't wait for my graduation day thus find myself a fucking job. I think I am tired of all these student affairs. The taste of getting the highest score in test doesn't intrigue myself anymore. It is not like I scored the highest mark every time, but I just doesn't feel the joy anymore.

Honestly, I am not saying that I'm not pleased when everyone praised for my achievement. Because for me, people will start to evaluate you differently once you do something beyond expectations. And I can say that I am proud with myself now. I never felt so in control like this before in my life.

But as you feel that you can control something very well, you will tend to find something more challenging. And that is where I started to think of working life. And I already heard numerous complained about it. But the thing is, I love to get busy. So when I got thrown by tonnes of work, I will not whine like it is all sort of bullshit.

And yes, I am still doesn't completely grab the situation just yet. And that makes me wonder how bullshit it can be? I mean, don't you love to do something you're paid for? Currently, I am doing all sort of difficult task and doesn't get paid any single penny for it. By difficult I mean is to study. Everybody hate to study doesn't it? Show me one single soul who love to study and I will paste 'THE GEEK' on his forehead.

In control. From my past experience, as a leader of a project, it is not easy to control the team members. And when my roll as a member, I found that I could argue with the leader as long as I have a strong reasoning for what I fight for. And I know sometimes I need to accept others opinion too. So, I wasn't always in a dire confrontation about anything. You know, something is decided for our own good, unless it is a clear mistake, then you have to fight for it.

I know, someday I will confront with the hierarchy issues. I'm the boss, you just a mere pawn. If you don't want to work here, get the fuck out of my building. That sort of shit. I know this could be harsh but this is where the term 'Tong Sampah' (as given by Kecik) is applied. Just do your best as a good 'garbage container' and in the mean time look for some other means to pleased your boss. Give him some professional attitude. Show him how great yourself is.

I was't talking gibberish. I already prove these experiment. The title is, 'How To Impress People Professionally'. Haha.. here it goes.

When I was back in MMU, I was some kind of loser who never actually achieve anything. Lower than your Average Joe. And I wasn't taken seriously in what ever I have suggested. When it is time for lab or group assignment, it is such a difficult task to find someone who are willing to grouped with me. They think I am too fucking stupid and easily forsaken me. And you should never called that a 'friend'. Fuck all the thought of forming a league of superheroes. You just want to save your own ass instead of helping a friend in need.

And now, the smell is totally different in MFI. My dressing is still the same as before. The 'DUMB' first impression is well shown. I guess that is not dumb, just invisible. And so, when I did something beyond of others expectation, including myself, all eyes are on me. It is like you living in a Broadway, under a limelight beside a pole across the street and you tap dancing with an umbrella happily. It is no longer difficult to find a groupmate, the top scorer are smiling at you, the lecturer praise you and all sort of wonderful things.

And now I never deserted anyone. No matter how unreliable they're. I never make the same mistake as that asswipe before or else I will be just like him. But sometimes I am stuck between a promise and another promise. And besides, the class here are much smaller than my previous one which it is impossible to to get to know each other unless a few circle of friends. And I am glad I decided to change my course of history but I never regret being there before.

Okay, that's it! So much for the working class analogy and my sudden stupid urges. Tally-ho!

"Karma police, arrest this man, he talks in maths. He buzzes like a fridge, he's like a detuned radio." - Radiohead, Karma Police.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rasa Nak Tendang Pintu.

Jam sudah menunjukkan tepat pukul 3 setengah pagi. Hati gua rasa panas betul hari ni. Test tadi betul-betul buat gua menyirap. Apa punya soalan coding yang keluar entah. Tak keruan gua menjawab tadi. Gua pikir soalan air paras lutut saja yang keluar, sekali dia punya bah, tak nak banjir pula. Soalan cepumas yang awal-awal pun gua dah rasa nak baring saja atas lantai Main Hall tadi.

Petang tadi, setelah penat gua bertungkus lumus menyerap, mengasah segala bakat coding yang ada dalam diri. Gua pun berhenti dan menyalakan rokok sebatang sebagai penenang jiwa. Sambil tu gua layan blues tengok pemandangan luar tingkap. Tak sangka pula hari ni dapat tengok pelangi secara live. Gua pun kasi snap sekali.

Seronok rasa hati bila tiba-tiba nampak pelangi di kala resah. Gua snap pakai kamera telefon bimbit gua saja. Kalau gua ada kamera lens gedabak tu, mahu rasanya gua terus tulis puisi lepas snap. Gua ingat kalau nampak pelangi, mungkin gua ada nasib gua baik lepas tu. Gua ingat je la. Pasal member gua pun suka memetaforakan keindahan alam dengan nama pelangi. Ah lu, asal cantik saja lu kasi nama pelangi.

Sebelum gua masuk Main Hall tadi, gua ada bawa nota kecil. Nota kecil ni pada mula nak buat toyol. Tapi dada gua dah penuh yakin dengan kehandalan gua bermain dengan bahasa komputer. Bila lecturer suruh masuk saja, gua terus lempar jauh-jauh nota gua. Konfiden. Tapi bila gua belek saja kertas, aduh! Apa benda soalan yang cuba diutarakan ni? Cis! Kalau gua bawa masuk toyol pun tadi, dah sah-sah toyol tu makan gaji buta. Celaka!

Habis saja test, Gua dan member-member lain sibuk kompelin pasal test tadi. Gua bilang soalan tadi susah, tapi haram diorang nak percaya. Kalau gua tipu lu orang percaya. Kalau gua cakap betul lu orang ingat gua tipu. Sudahnya sesi sumpah seranah kami berlarutan sampai ke kedai mamak.

Gua order teh O ais sama roti kosong dua banjir. Gua tak ada selara nak mencekik malam ni. Tapi roti dua keping juga gua order. Sampai saja roti banjir gua, gua cuba rasa sedas. Gua tak rasa apa-apa lagi. Lepas dua tiga das, baru gua sedar rasa roti gua lari semacam. Rasa roti dengan mulut gua jadi tak ngam. Roti pun nak cari pasal dengan gua malam ni.

Tiba-tiba gua rasa perut gua memulas. Gua perhati member yang lain. Tak habis makan lagi. Gua maintain cool sekejap. Tunggu diorang habis makan. Siap saja diorang makan, gua terus panggil mamak kira. Yang mamak ni pula, mencongak punya lah slow. Kerja kedai makan hari-hari pun tak cekap kira lagi. Gua ingat nak hadiahkan dia sempoa lepas ni. Bagi otak dia cargas buat kira-kira.

Gua order Winston merah 20 sekotak lalu gua hulur pada mamak tu sekeping notes merah. Member gua pun order Winston juga, tapi kotak 18. Kembali saja mamak tu ke table gua, dia hulur kotak merah dekat member gua. Kerana gua dah menggelisat sakit perut, gua jadi bertambah peka dengan keadaan sekeliling. Gua jeling rokok gua dekat tangan mamak tu.

Aduh! Rokok apa pula lu kasi gua ni?

"Musafir lalu nan dahaga, di jalan panas membara" - Hattan, Rendang Tak Berbuah.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peluh di Dahi.

Foto kedai Wahab ni tiada kena mengena langsung dengan kecemasan diri aku. Cuma sekadar suntikan nostalgia terhadap diri aku yang rindu akan kebebasan tahap dewa peringkat ke lapan di MMU suatu ketika dahulu. Apsal aku panggil kedai ni kedai Wahab? Lu orang tanya lah Ajis. Aku segan nak bagi tahu.

Aku sekarang dah start busy dengan segala macam ujian duniawi. Kisah klasik MMU akan aku sambung bila aku ada masa ataupun bila aku dah naik menyampah dengan buku nota. Okay lah, aku nak baca nota kejap.

"Aku memang pecinta wanita..." - Mundok (Bukan nama sebenar), Karaoke Sinaran Melaka.

Monday, March 9, 2009


If you're the last man on earth and you're leave with an elephant and a best friend. WHO WILL YOU KILL FIRST?

  1. Kill the elephant and live happily ever after with best friend.
  2. Kill elephant first, then kill best friend.
  3. Kill best friend first, then kill elephant.
  4. I'll sacrifice myself.

My lecturer asked my classmate and I somewhere earlier this semester. I personally picked the third one. I will kill the elephant if only i got the means.

I'm sure most people will pick the first one and some self-indulgence people will pick the last one. But in reality, how many people are willing to sacrifice themselves for others? Even when we live in a peaceful life like this, there's already a term called 'dog eat dog'.

The given question is basically an outliers possibilities which purposely to tackle oneself capabilities of survival. And I don't think the last option is possible. Let's face it, how pure is your heart?

Lastly, have you seen Battle Royale? This movie portrayed exactly how people will react in their time of desperation. Forget about the hero who does the first and last crap. And if I've given the chance, most probably I still didn't dare to do the same especially the last crap. Sacrifice is a big word to fill a man.

"This ringing in my head, is this a cure or is this a disease?" - Audioslave, Show Me How To Live.

End of Holidays.

I got a lot of work to do. I don't know why I like to pile everything up until the end. I hope that I will not suffocate in these madness. I think I should start freaking out right now.

Okay, time for round one! Tingg!!

"A heart that's full up like a landfill, a job that slowly kills you." - Radiohead, No Surprises.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ni style kalau buat T-shirt ni. Hahaha...

"It's a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise." - The Cure, Friday I'm In Love.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kisah Klasik MMU #2.

Babak Dua.

Lapang rasanya dada bila test dah habis. Minggu depan ada test lain pula. Ah, itu cerita minggu depanlah pula. Setelah penat memecut, kami sampai di depan pagar. Masing-masing melayangkan kad ID kepada pak guard gaya polis Interpol. Aku berjalan kemas ke pintu tangga. Dah bersedia nak scan kad gaya orang punch-out balik kerja.


Terkejut beruk aku. Ni memang cari nahas nak kena penampar jepun ni. Main sepak saja pintu tu. Bentak hati aku. Tiba-tiba keluar seorang mamat yang berbadan jauh lebih sasa dari aku. Oh, Abu rupanya. Jiran aku. Aku cuma berbalas senyuman saja dengan nya. Tak jadi nak marah.

Setelah penat mendaki tangga sampai ke tingkat tiga, kami pun tiba ke rumah. Aku goyangkan kaki ku untuk meloloskan selipar di rak kasut Mariah Carey. Mana tak 'Mariah' nya, kalau dikumpul semua kasut, siap boleh buka gerai bundle tepi jalan. Kemudian aku terus menjalankan rondaan ke setiap bilik.

Bilik pertama.

Kerel sedang tekun mengganyang pihak lawannya dalam Liga Super Eropah. Begitu tekun sehinggakan aku masuk pun tak sedar.

"Eh, Ram. layu je. Dah abis test?" Tanya Kerel sambil menusuk pantas gamepad nya.

"Dah." Jawabku ringkas.

"Ohhhh!!! O' favor! O' favor!" Teriak Kerel tiba-tiba sambil bertepuk tangan gaya penguin.

Hurm, khusyuk benar sepak bola Kerel ni. Aku pun beredar ke bilik sebelah.

Bilik kedua.

Kelihatan Sujak sedang duduk di atas katil Kecik. Memerhati rapat setiap tingkah laku Kecik dalam arena Perajurit Malaya. Terkesima agaknya dengan cara Kecik meng'handle' Sniper. Kejap tukar pisau, kejap tukar Sniper, Kejap tukar pistol, kejap tukar pisau balik.

Zaidi juga turut bertungkus lumus beperang. Tiba-tiba deringan monotone sebuah lagu Jepun kedengaran.

Truttt... Tutt... Trutt....

Dengan pantas Zaidi terus menjawab panggilan sambil bangun dan duduk di atas katil. Gaya Zaidi menjawab telefon memang cukup unik. Sebelah tangan memegang rapat telefon ke telinga. Sebelah tangan lagi akan melindung di tepi bibir sambil kedua-dua bahu terjongket naik. Kalau makwe ke, ibu ke yang telefon, boleh terima lagi. Tapi bila member ke, adik ke, pak cik guard ke, nyonya uptown minimart ke yang telefon, dia akan tetap melakukan aksi stunt yang sama.

"Eh Kecik! Belakang dinding tu ada seekor. Kau cuba la lompat tengok." Teriak Sujak.

Lantas Kecik menjinjangkan lehernya sambil kepala rapat ke skrin monitor.

Aku tengok Sujak. Sujak tengok aku. Terbahak-bahak kami ketawa. Zaidi yang sedang bercakap dengan telefon itu pun turut tertawa manja. Aku pun beredar ke bilik sebelah. Ketawa masih tak habis lagi.

Bilik ketiga.

Kerana terdengar tawaan aku, Aphesz terus mengajukan soalan sebaik saja aku tiba di muka pintu.

"Apsal Don? Apa dah jadi?" Tanya Aphesz penuh minat. Dean pasang telinga.

"Hahaha... Kecik lah. Tengah main CS. Boleh pula dia panjangkan tengkuk nak tengok orang belakang dinding. Hahaha." Cerita aku secara teperinci.

"Hahaha.." Aphesz dan Dean ketawa serentak sambil beredar ke bilik Kecik.

Aku terasa aneh. Kenapa Tepet tidak memberi sebarang reaksi positif? Aku meng'usha' Tepet di balik komputernya. Oh, tengah khusyuk layan movie. Pakai headphone lagi. Patut lah tak ambil 'port'.

"Cerita apa Pet?"

"Gone in 60 seconds. Apa yang korang gelak tadi?"

"Kecik buat stunt menarik. Kau pergi lah tanya diorang." Jawab aku malas.

Tanpa berlengah, Tepet terus pecut ke 'scene' kejadian. Aku juga turut mem'blah'kan diri sendiri ke bilik terakhir.

Bilik Terakhir.

Aku tenung dalam katil sendiri. Ni kalau layan tidur seround ni menarik juga ni. Baru saja nak melabuhkan punggung ke atas katil, Kecik pula terpacul di depan pintu. Dah puas kena gelak agaknya.

"Celaka Midon! Kau cerita kat diorang buat apa. Habis semua gelakkan aku." Marah Kecik.

"Dah kau buat aksi menarik." Jawab aku ringkas kerana mahu tidur.

"Eh, bosan siot. Tak ada benda lain nak buat ke?"

"Entahlah Cik. Otak aku dah tepu jawab test tadi."

"Ronda MP jom." Cadang Kecik.

Aku bingkas bangun mencapai wallet. Kilas-kilas setiap notes yang ada.

"Cantek! Jom! Bagitau bebudak lain."

"Gurauanku jadi dilema prasangka." - AXL, Andai dapat ku undur masa.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I certainly can't comprehend with every latest 'in' things nowadays. Whether it is musics, technologies, or fashion senses. I guess being a very conservative and cheap bloke really does make a difference in my ways of thinking.

Does my passion of arts and writings really conflict with my compulsory need of figures and numbers? Being a technical guy for so long makes me forget about all my old passionate hobby. I'm too dependent on logic, and I tend to judge everything based on statistical probabilities. As such an event will be mostly likely to hit the floor before I even tried.

I never had such an unfortunate poor lifestyle. But being send to a boarding school made me realize that I have to be independent by myself. Which means I basically can't afford anything expensive by myself base on my current situation. I even hate to admit that the car that I'm using as my own.

No matter what it is, I'm quite comfortable with cheap clothes and old musics. I don't know, maybe it is affordable? Well, I appreciate the thought of antique appreciation, but I think most people are misleading with something cheap and something old.

Does it cool to be fashionable? Or should we define cool as using our local brands? Support your local acts. I'll never forget that. Nevertheless, I am never too incline in supporting anything. I just grab whatever I like whenever I want. As long as it is beyond my reach.

Oh my technologies. Keeps growing like mushroom after the rain. As a technical person, I know that I should keep up to date about all that. But what is bothering me is when you actually can see how things were derive from its complexity to its simple and basics part, you'll be amaze on how simple technology can be. As long as I can keep myself float on the surface, I think everything will be all right.

For example, my ways of creating a system for my assignment. I just find as many previous prototype as I can and explore every bits and parts of it. Base on the previous example, I can create a better and refine system. A little bit cocky doesn't it? It is called reverse engineer my son. Where you partly understand something but you can learn something from exploration and re-experiencing the old ones.

Okay, enough of these unpleasant smell. Good night!

"Freezin', rests his head on a pillow made of concrete." - Pearl Jam, Even Flow.

Kisah Klasik MMU #2.

Babak Satu.

Aku tatap kertas soalan itu dalam-dalam. Apa motif sebenar yang cuba disampaikan? Naik benak rasanya otak apabila cuba menterjemahankan bahasa-bahasa kejuruteraan. Melampau sangat putar alamnya. Segala apa yang aku tenung malam kelmarin langsung tak boleh diguna pakai. Macam celaka!

Ah, aku dah mati akal. Sujak pula duduk berjauhan, payah benar rasanya nak tiru. Tiru mamat sebelah aku ni pun orait juga aku rasa. Aku cuba memanjangkan tengkuk, mata dah naik juling bila cuba memfokus kepada kertas jawapan mamat sebelah.


Dia lindung kertas jawapannya dengan lengan secara kasar. Ah, celaka lu mat! kalau ya pun tak mahu kongsi, janganlah tunjuk obvious sangat. Jaga lu mat! Kau akan aku jadikan sasaran lontaran kertas balut Sugus dalam CLC (dewan kuliah) nanti.

Apabila tamat saja test, semua berpusu-pusu keluar serentak untuk meraikan hari hujung minggu. Aku berjalan keluar dan menunggu Sujak di atas divider jalan. Aku menunggu dengan bermuka tenang sambil tangan masuk kocek seluar. Baru nampak konfiden sikit walaupun tak boleh jawab test. Kelibat Sujak kelihatan di muka pintu Exam Hall.

"Amacam poit? Ada okay?" Aku cuba menunjukkan rasa concern.

"Susahlah poit. Tak terjawab aku tadi." Nafi Sujak.

"Ah kau, tak boleh buat pun kau jawab semua. Aku main-main lipat kertas je tadi. Nak tiru mamat sebelah pun tak dapat." Rungut aku tak puas hati.

"Ha, kau tunjuk mamat tu kat aku. Kita jentik dia dengan kertas Fruitella kat CLC nanti."

"Hahaha. Aku dah cadang nak jentik kertas Sugus tadi."

"Apsal kau tak duduk je sebelah aku tadi?" Tanya Sujak prihatin.

"Dah kawan baik kau Roy dengan Bed dah menempek kau. Aku malas nak masuk campur. Aku segan sikit dengan Bed." Balas aku.

"Ahahaha... Bodoh sial kau. Dengan Bed pun nak segan."

Aku cuma tersengih.

Aku cuba perhati manusia-manusia lain. Semua berbincang pasal test. Sembang nak letup-letup saja. Kami pun terus menapak pulang ke rumah tanpa berbincang perihal test. Nak bincang apa pun kami tak tahu. Ah, lupakan saja.

Jom pecut balik rumah.

"Cendawan alpa sesegar pagi." - Awie Wings & Amy Search, Gemuruh.

At The Hilltop Where We Can See The Moon.

If I have a magical touch,
I will enter your soul,
Look at myself through your eyes,
I will surprise by my own flaws,
Because the more I love you,
The more I lost in the mist.

Grab me by the hand,
Uphill together for the flaming moon,
And stay close beside me,
I won't dare to shut my eyes,
Until I understand your puzzle hearts,
Even if it's just a small fragment.

What is misery and happiness,
I can't sort that very well,
Sometimes overlooked by my senses,
I've taken a huge fall in hurting you,
I hope it will never be too late,
Too late for your forgiveness.

Grab me by the hand,
Uphill together for the falling stars,
Searching together across the thicket,
Forget about the hurt and pain,
Because I am longing for your smile.

Grab me by the hand,
Uphill together for the shining moon,
It illuminates to everyone in the world,
Cause the pattern of our hearts are reflected in the sky,
Please just stay by my side,
Until I understand your puzzle hearts,
Even if it's just a small fragment.

"I am just wondering what will the sun looks like from your view." - Okishima Shuji, Beautiful Life.

*Alter and translate from Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni by B'z.*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Smiling Eyes.

My eyes were tired,
I stared into the sky,
Swarm with flocking bird,
passed me by gracefully,
Cynically, I smiled.

My eyes were sore,
I asked for water,
The pond were dried,
Pretended to be crater,
Cynically, I smiled.

My eyes were blinked,
I lay back on field,
The grass turned brown,
They missed the sun,
Cynically, I smiled.

My eyes were blinded,
I searched the sun,
Moon laugh hysterically,
Said I am a fool,
Cynically, I smiled.

I felt disturbed,
Bored by the fake smile,
My cheeks hurt,
I slap myself twice,
I won't smirk anymore.

"My raps and rhymes will become more valuable now. You're free to sell them to Ghostface Killah." - Ryan a.k.a T-Dog, Drillbit Taylor.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kisah Klasik MMU #1.

Setiap kali menjelangnya petang, kebanyakan kaki rumah aku akan menggelisat nak turun padang. Tidak kira lah ada kelas atau tidak, mereka pakai redah saja. Aku sebagai sahabat sejati mereka hanya mampu memberi sokongan moral dari belakang saja.

Azan Maghrib di komputer Kecik Jr berkumandang deras, deruman ekzos motorsikal kaki-kaki sekalian mula kendengaran. Masing-masing bermuka kontrol macho walaupun cukup penat. Manalah tahu kalau ada makwe yang lintas.

Kemudian, mereka mula duduk di komputer sendiri. Biasa lah, baru balik dari padang. Nak sejukkan badan alasan mereka. Aku tak banyak komen dan mengiyakan saja.

"Oi, create lah cepat!" Teriak Mundok sambil menyalakan rokok 'separuh masa' beliau.

"Kau je lah yang create Mundok." Balas aku selamba.

"Aku dah create dah..." Sampuk Kecik, penuh bangga dengan kecelikan IT beliau.

Kelechak! Kelechak!

Masing-masing mula memperlengkapkan diri dengan senjata pilihan.

Kelepow! Kelepow! Chak! Chak! Kelepow! Kelepow!

Kaki-kaki sekalian sibuk menunjukkan aksi gerila hebat masing-masing. Keadaan rumah menjadi begitu haruk sekali. Paling riuh sekali alat pembesar suara mahal milik Mundok. Rasa macam betul-betul berada di medan tempur.

Bunyi tersebut bercampur baur dengan kata kesat masing-masing sehinggakan mak cik sebelah kompelin akan perkataan aneh yang sering kami ucapkan. Mungkin kerana interference berlaku antara pembesar suara Mundok dan suara-suara merdu kami membuatkan mak cik itu hairan dengan bahasa yang kami guna pakai seharian. Sarkastik sungguh mak cik itu.

Bunyi motor sayup-sayup kedengaran. Mengikut deruman tersebut, semua kaki boleh meneka siapa yang tiba.

"Eh, main game tak ajak! Ada komputer kosong?" Tanya Ajis penuh minat.

"Pergi lah main dekat komputer adik Sujak." Balas Mundok.

Maka bertambahlah seorang lagi perajurit. Untuk mengelakkan kapitalis berlaku, Kecik dan Sujak terpaksa dipisahkan daripada kumpulan yang sama. Benda-benda kecil ini selalu diambil kira kerana apabila konspirasi monopoli berlaku, Mundok akan mudah menjadi emosi.

Satu pertempuran epik sedang rancak berlaku. Masing-masing tak mahu megaku kalah. Apabila keadaan mendesak, Sniper akan jadi rebutan bagi perajurit amatur. Bagi Kecik dan Sujak, mereka sudah anggap AK47 sebagai 'Sniper' mereka. Aku cukup dengki dengan kebolehan mereka. Bertingkat dendam kesumat dikumpul tatkala peluru AK47 menembusi kepala.

Seperti biasa pada waktu Maghrib, selain Ajis, ramai lagi kaki-kaki yang akan bertandang ke rumah kami. Maka banyaklah pemerhati tetap yang tekun memerhati pertempuran kami. Tapi kalau dapat diputar masa, aku sangat berharap untuk menjadi pemerhati tetap kepada Prebet Ajis.

"Oi, oi, jaga-jaga. Belakang kau!" Teriak pemerhati Ajis penuh saspen.

Ajis berasa terancam seraya menoleh kepalanya ke belakang.

"Eh.. Mana? Mana?"

Rumah kami tiba-tiba menjadi riuh rendah dek hilai tawa kaki-kaki sekalian.

"Dengan tabir kelam, kita luaskan degan cahaya" - Fotograf, Ke Pintu Kasihmu.

A Nicker.


I am sitting in the dark,
Forget about the compass,
It couldn't help me find my way,
Dark pitch is surrounding me.

I pull my legs straight,
My back is aching,
I couldn't stand the pain,
I stand up for once.

I stand on one feet,
Spin my way around,
The resulting force is done,
Stop to an unknown direction.

My legs start to shiver,
I forgot how to walk,
Or maybe I never did,
A long first step.

I catch the rhythm,
An easy symphony,
But not a simple lullaby,
I'm afraid to fall down.

Do Re Mi Fa So,
I stumble on the La,
What a pain,
I stand my ground.

Imitate the beat,
So I can walk properly,
I can balance myself just fine,
I start to increase my pace.

The tempo is fast,
Oxygen run out of me,
How about Hydrogen,
I need two for my thirst.

There is a light,
No? A firefly,
Grab by my hand,
So I thought.

There you are,
I need a bottle,
To encapsulate the light,
Wait just a seconds.

Empathy fill the void,
I didn't mean no harm,
Keep on flying,
I'm flattering myself.

My eyes are open,
The light blinds me,
There it is,
Where is my shades?


"Sing along and it might just get you through" - Pulp, Common People.