Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's been a while since I wrote anything here. I guess I just lost the reason to write or I am just plain tired of writing blogs. Eventhough it is just my personal rambles, somehow it did satisfied me deep inside. I did try to write a few time but keep deleting it in the end. Im no creative, my life is mundane and my English is bad.

I tried to be creative sometimes, but it sucks. I did tried writing poems. It sucks. When i read it back, it had no soul. Im souless engineer to be. While engineer require a certain level of creativity, I just dont have it.

As I grow up, I left my favourite past time, drawing. I have giving up on inventing things. My imagination no longer run wild. I've been introduce to much limitations as an engineer. Everything is indeed impossible. When I was a kid, I had this book of invention. I sketch it and wonder how it will turn out to be. I even made a comic for god sake!

Being a grown up is painful doesn't it? Responsibility, maturity, love, compassion, all that bullshit we had to deal with every day. I dont know. Maybe because of this darkness and boredom around me made me whining about life and all.